In September of 2015 I published an article on on how to protect your brand’s online reputation. A year later, this advice is just as apt: In fact, it’s the crux of our services here at Essentially, there are five key steps to protecting your company’s brand:

  1. Keep your company’s website up to date
  2. Create a company blog
  3. Manage online reviews
  4. Socialize relevant company news
  5. Don’t ignore your personal brand

Branding is important for individuals and businesses. We focus a lot on personal branding at BrandYourself, but the same principals apply to companies and organizations. Importantly, the personal and the professional are joined now more than ever. You represent your company and vice versa — especially online.
Google prioritizes up-to-date websites with active blogs, great content, and active social channels. Business professionals need to make sure they are the ones shaping their online identity, so that when potential customers do their research they will get all the right information. Following these steps is just the start.
If you haven’t yet, follow the link below to read the full article on Entrepreneur!