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I try my best to write about the things I’m passionate about. From an online reputation perspective, my company has access to data and situations that shed light on important topics we all need to deal with. As we live more and more of our lives online, it’s more important then ever to understand how this effects us as a society and it’s important my company does its part. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, I hope my experience can help others looking to start their own company.

Online Reputation & Privacy: This is my main area of expertise, and I’ve spent the last seven years building a company around my philosophy on privacy and reputation in the age of the Internet. My writing explores these issues even deeper. Some of my favorite posts:


Building/Growing a Company: I also occasionally write about my experience building BrandYourself. There are many ways to grow a company, and though my approach wasn’t traditional, I hope my writing can shed light on the experience for other first-time founders. Some featured writing:

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For more writing on these and other topics, feel free to explore my blog.

Facebook won’t really change after Cambridge Analytica. Here’s what to do as a consumer.

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook story has been dominating the news cycle for the last week. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Cambridge Analytica used the Facebook data of roughly 50M unwitting users to create hyper-targeted advertising strategies for the Trump...

Don’t let an algorithm determine if you’re worth hiring or not.

Today we are announcing the new and improved version of BrandYourself. It’s been over two years in the making and we could not be more excited and proud. It is the most comprehensive product on the market to help individuals clean up, protect, and improve how they...

How We Reversed a $300K Burn and Hit Profitability Without Laying off a Single Employee

This is a post I wrote on my medium a few months ago that had a bigger response than I expected. Running a business in today's economic climate can be challenging and I think this hit a nerve. Summary: The recent demise of Nasty Gal showcases the difficulty of...

5 Ways to Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation

We live in a search-happy world. Take it as a given: Before customers consider doing business with your company, they’re going to Google it first.

Why The Online Reputation Management Industry is Changing – And Where it Needs To Go

As a co-founder and CEO in the online reputation management space, I thought I’d share my perspective on the marketplace, the industry, why traditional companies are struggling right now, and four important ways the industry is going to evolve. In doing so, I’d like to explain how BrandYourself plans to be part of the industry’s disruption, making the process easy and accessible to everyone.

Why Student Athletes Need To Be Careful About Their Online Reputation — And The NCAA Should Help

The NFL Draft makes it clear that an ill-advised online post can put anybody’s career at risk, and I think the NCAA is as much at fault as the athletes.

Why BrandYourself Moved from NYC to Lancaster

On April 1st, 2016, BrandYourself.com opened up an office in Lancaster, PA at 53 West James Street. While we started the company in New York, where we’ve grown until this point, we decided we wanted the future of the company to be somewhere new.

How Hurricane Sandy Reminded Me Why I Love the Tech Industry

  Last week Hurricane Sandy pummeled through the North East, causing historic damage. Homes and businesses were destroyed and half of Manhattan was without power for most of last week, while some places continue to wait for power. While the aftermath is horrific,...

We (unexpectedly) Got 60K Users in 60 Hours. What we learned

  Update: Humbled by all the feedback and comments: Check out the great discussion spawned on the Hacker News thread Summary/Table of Contents   Our product recently hit a tipping point, signing up over 60K users in less than 60 hours, despite not being a...