We started BrandYourself to put the power of online reputation management into anyone’s hands. We found traditional reputation companies often mystify the process and provide little explanation as to how they will help improve their clients’ online presence. And while search engine optimization (SEO) and the process of improving the search results that show up for your name can be time consuming, for the most part, it isn’t complicated. There are many basic practices and tactics that anyone can begin to employ to start improving their online reputation.
In addition to our free DIY tool and custom services, we also work hard to provide resources for people to learn more about what actually goes into improving their online presence. One resource we created is this ongoing Ultimate Online Reputation Management Guide. It not only walks you through the basics of how search engines work, but it also provides specific tactics that you can start doing right now to begin improving the search results that show up when you Google your name. If you find you need some help after reading the guide or just want to double check that you’re doing everything you can to manage your online reputation, please feel to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We’ll take a look at your unique situation, provide some suggestions and at the very least, you can walk away with a game plan for improving your online presence.
patrick ambron's online reputation management guide