A few of my topics:

Online Privacy/Reputation – Your online reputation matters even if you’re responsible onlineIn an age of cyber bullying, revenge porn, hate sites, and inadequate online privacy laws, everyone needs the power to understand and protect their reputation on the web. This presentation has two focuses. First, it highlights a world where a single bad tweet or review can derail your career, and the reasons why EVERYBODY should pay attention to their online reputation and privacy—whether you’re in high school or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Second, I highlight the simple things people can do to put their best foot forward on the web and protect themselves.

BrandYourself Origin story – How a company from Upstate NY came into an industry dominated by incumbents and helped reinvent itIn this presentation, I outline the history of BrandYourself and how we brought a fresh new model into an industry dominated by traditional big players. We weren’t from a major city like San Fransisco–we began in Syracuse, NY. The founders weren’t “wunderkinds” who dropped out of Stanford or Harvard and our parents didn’t buy us our first computer when were 11. In fact, none of us had ever even taken a business class. We had an idea and a mentality to fiercely focus on our product and customers. While the road hasn’t been perfect, there are a lot of lessons to draw from it, most importantly the fact that there is no prototype for success.

I regularly speak and give workshops on the topics of online reputation and privacy. I also speak about entrepreneurial topics and my ongoing journey building BrandYourself. I can speak at your conference or speak to your employees about the importance of managing their presence online.

Speaking Testimonials:

“Patrick gave a great talk on building his company BrandYourself; he was engaging, informative, and energized the audience.”

Natalie Fonseca

Founder and CEO & Executive Producer of the Privacy Identity Innovation conference, SageScape

“Our audience loved Patrick’s talk! He spoke vulnerably about his journey as an entrepreneur. Patrick was funny, engaging, and tremendously helpful. He also stuck around to talk to the dozens of attendees wanting to ask their questions. If your event has a chance to get Patrick there, don’t wait!”

Justin Lafazan

Founder of Next Gen Ventures

“Patrick stole the show at this year’s CREATE Festival! His talk was fun, smart and really inspired our people to get out there and follow their dreams.”

Kim Chestney

Director of Create Festival, CREATE Festival, Pittsburgh Technology Council

“Patrick has spoken in my graduate classes at Columbia Business School many times. His approachable and conversational style connects with the students, while his real world and practical information on search engine optimization and brand and reputation management really contribute to the practical aspects of the class and bring the concepts into the real world. Patrick’s ability to talk about all of this from the perspective of an entrepreneur building a startup adds a tremendous amount of additional value, as his ‘from the trenches’ viewpoint is invaluable to my students considering their own ventures.”

Jeremy Kagan

CEO & Founder, Pricing Engine Inc.

“Patrick was an incredible and truly inspiring speaker. His presentation about his journey as an entrepreneur from selling airheads on the school bus to building a multimillion dollar business was very engaging and helped all the students at Endevvr realize that with the right amount of work and sacrifice they could make any of their dreams a reality. His talk was incredibly impactful, sharing his values of dedication, hard work, and perseverance in a format perfectly tailored to the audience.”

Ben Weimer

Chief of Staff, Endevvr

“Patrick has a rare ability to connect with people and make a technical and business topic real, accessible and understandable. Not only have I seen this first-hand, in my classes where Patrick has spoken in bigger lecture hall settings and smaller classrooms, but I’ve also seen him when he was a part of panels and solo speaker engagements at events. Even in the hot spotlight (and attention-deficit environment) of South By Southwest, Patrick stood out when shoulder to shoulder with the established and well-known founders, VCs and tech gurus.”

Sean Branagan

Director of the Newhouse School’s Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University

“Of all the young entrepreneurs I have ever encountered, none has shown a more natural talent for growing a successful company, and, quickly.  Patrick identified and then solved an unforeseen problem arising from the existence of the Internet itself.  Individual reputations, always a precious asset for anyone, could be ruined in the blink of an eye.  He conceived of a user-friendly product, one that was affordable to the widest market, mustered investors, recruited a brilliant team, and persevered, continuing to build a great company.  On top of this, Ambron is a truth-speaking, analytic speaker, who can tell the story of his company without it being another tiresome tale of one man’s vision of his unique brilliance.  Rather, Patrick is as gifted a story-teller/teacher as he is an entrepreneur.”
Carl J. Schramm

American economist, entrepreneur, and former President and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation

Past Speaking Clients Include:

Dublin Web Summit


Everywhere Else Con

Syracuse University

Georgetown University

Johns Hopkins University

Cornell University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Pivot Con

Real Estate Connect

PII Conference

StartFast Demo Day