Hi, and thanks for coming to my site! I’m Patrick Ambron, co-founder and CEO of BrandYourself.com. I mostly talk and write about online privacy and reputation, but I also try to weigh in where I can on what it takes to build a company.  As a first-time founder, learning from others has been integral in getting where we are today. Though at BrandYourself we’re still in the process of securing long term success, I hope that by sharing some of my experiences I can pass the lessons we’ve learned onto others.


Im the co-founder/CEO of BrandYourself.com, where our goal is to help people look better online. In an age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, everyone needs the power to understand and protect their reputation on the web. In fact, we started BrandYourself because my cofounder Pete had his own issue: he was being mistaken for a criminal online and couldn’t get a quote from anyone in the industry for under $25K. We realized Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important need and shouldn’t just be for the wealthy. Since then, we’ve grown to over 80 employees across two offices and hope to keep building tools to help people. You can learn more about that story here.  


I teach courses on Online Reputation, SEO, Privacy, etc. I’m a regular Instructor at General Assembly (you can see and sign up for my classes here) and a mentor at the Cooper Union in NYC– I also give guest lectures at universities including Syracuse, Columbia and Georgetown.

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On April 1st, 2016, BrandYourself.com opened up an office in Lancaster, PA at 53 West James Street. While we started the company in New York, where we’ve grown until this point, we decided we wanted the future of the company to be somewhere new.

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